Dental Tourism – What Cost the Risk?

At Banksia House Dental Surgery, we are very aware of the effect cost has on the potential for our patients to access the very best in dental solutions.

More and more, we are seeing patients accessing cheap overseas options for complex dental treatments.

Every now and then, you do see some nice final outcomes, unfortunately, we are also seeing some absolute horror stories.

While we understand that sometimes people feel that accessing these Dental Tourism packages is the only way they can complete complex dental treatment, here is some food for thought…

  • What are the qualifications and experience of the Dental Practitioner you will be seeing?
  • If you are seeking recommendations as to their expertise, who are those recommendations coming from?  Is it the person trying to sell you a holiday package?
  • What (if any) infection control standards are the country in question imposing on the Dental industry?  If there are standards, what assurance do you have that the Dentist is following them?
  • If you are getting dental implants, are they up to TGA standards?
  • What happens if something goes wrong?  Are you going to be able to return in a suitable time-frame for the Dentist to rectify the problem?  Will it still be economical if you need to make return trips, or have to have a failed treatment reversed in Australia (if indeed it is reversible)?
  • Will there be adequate time between stages of complex treatment plans to allow for healing?  Are you risking the long-term prognosis by rushing through your treatment?
  • If you have complex medical needs, is the dental facility going to be able to provide medical back-up should something go wrong?
  • Do you speak the language?  It is sometimes hard enough to understand the risks and benefits of complex treatments in your native language, let alone trying to break down a language barrier.  Will the service provider be able to adequately answer your questions and explain your post-operative needs?

Before making any kind of decision regarding dental tourism options, please talk to your dentist in Australia.  There may be other, safer, more economical treatment options available at home.

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