New Government Funding for Kids Dental Needs

Child Dental Benefit Scheme

We all know that kids are expensive little critters!

Well here is some good news, where you can see your tax dollar doing some positive good.  This new Federal Government scheme is helping cover some of the cost associated with accessing private dental care for your eligible kids.

As of January 1, 2014, the Federal Government has introduced the CDBS – Child Dental Benefit Schedule.  This means-tested scheme allows parents of eligible 2 to 17 year olds to access $1000 in dental care for their children over two calendar years.

This is exciting news, as it allows families to claim a rebate for some of their kids dental treatment from Medicare.

Private dental practice are entitled to charge normal rates for treatment (with the family claiming a rebate from Medicare and paying a gap).

We however, have decided, as a service to our patients, to BULK BILL eligible treatments.  While the rebate we receive is significantly lower than our private fees, we feel this will make accessing private dental even easier for eligible families.

The government will be sending out letters to eligible families during the first six months of 2014.  As a guideline, if you receive Family Tax Benefit A, you should be eligible to access the scheme.

Should you receive a letter informing you of your eligibility, please inform us when you make your appointment so we can make the necessary arrangements prior to your visit.

Please note, not every aspect of your child’s dental treatment can be carried out under the scheme, limits apply, and there may be a gap to pay.

For further information, please follow this link…

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