Fixed Prosthodontics (Crowns & Bridges)

There are many possible reasons we may recommend crowns or bridges as part of your dental plan.

  • Sometimes a tooth has had many “bites of the cherry” in that it has been repeatedly filled over a number of years.
  • A tooth may have required a Root Canal Treatment to alleviate infection.  This may weaken the remaining tooth structure.
  • Severe dental trauma may cause the loss or fracture of a natural tooth.
  • A tooth may be lost through infection.

A crown is a custom made “cap” which covers all surfaces of the tooth. They are used to restore a tooth to almost “good as new” condition.  The laboratory process involved is not unlike having a piece of custom made jewellery made, especially to fit your tooth. Where there is a large old filling, a crack or badly worn tooth, these are often the ideal long term restoration.

A bridge can be used as an alternative to an implant or denture to replace a missing tooth or teeth.  A bridge is permanently cemented into your mouth, avoiding the hassle of dentures which may rub or be ill fitting.

This is Dr Martin Webb’s particular area of interest.  He thoroughly enjoys having the not inconsiderable skills needed to rebuild peoples own teeth, to the point where they may never require the use of dentures, which many people consider an unavoidable part of the aging process.  He has completed many full mouth rehabilitations over his career.  It is very rewarding when these patients return for their routine examinations with solid, stable, beautiful teeth.