Extractions (Removal of Teeth)


Extractions (Removal of Teeth)

When all else fails, and a tooth comes to the end of its useful life, it may require extraction.

Dr Martin Webb has carried out extra professional development in this field, and, while he would rather avoid this scenario for his patients, he is extremely proficient if this is what’s required.

We are able to carry out the majority of extractions within the surgery, including Wisdom Teeth.  You will need to have a dental radiograph (x-ray) prior to any extraction taking place. This is in order to check on the shape of the roots, the bone density around the roots and the proximity of the roots to any major nerves, or the sinus floor.  In other words, to avoid any nasty surprises!

If we feel, upon looking at your x-ray, that it would be better to see a specialist, we will arrange a referral for you.

Your post operative care will be explained to you before your extraction takes place.  If you know you are having an extraction (i.e. it is not an emergency situation) it is always best if you can arrange for someone to drive you home afterwards, and to have something easy to eat already prepared.  Omelettes, pasta and smoothies are ideal.

Usually, it would be wise to arrange for 24hours off work for a straight forward extraction, or 48hours in the case of surgical (usually Wisdom Teeth) or multiple extractions.  Heavy physical work of any kind needs to be avoided for at least 24hours.

If required, we can provide a prescription for post operative pain relief, and antibiotics if they are indicated (usually in the case of severe infection).  Dr Webb is often available to speak to afterhours should you have any serious concerns post-operatively.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risk.  Prior to accepting treatment you should seek a second opinion from a suitably qualified practitioner.