Digital X-ray

Banksia House Dental Surgery was one of the first dental surgeries on the Sunshine Coast to make the decision to install Digital X-ray for the benefit our patients.

Our Schick Digital X-ray system offers a range of advantages over traditional x-ray films.

Some of those advantages include…

  • A far lower radiation dose (up to 90% lower) than traditional methods.  Each x-ray taken equates to around the same radiation dose you would get from one day of normal background radiation.
  • Instant results for you to see on a large flat screen.  No more waiting around for a manual x-ray to be developed, nor squinting at a tiny film looking at things the size of a pinhead!
  • This leads to greater accuracy for diagnostic services.
  • Should we need to refer you to a specialist, we can send copies of your x-rays, while also retaining them for our future reference.

The end result equates to faster, safer, more efficient diagnosis of your dental needs.  We can show you exactly what the dentist is seeing on the big screen.  This leads to greater understanding for you.  Always a good thing.