Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry is perhaps the most important of all aspects of dentistry. Routine examination and cleaning of your teeth is the best guarantee of a lifetime of beautiful smiles.  Preventative dentistry helps keep the overall cost of your dental treatment down, by minimizing the need for major treatment brought about by neglect.

Of course having a routine check-up and a careful oral hygiene routine at home is not going to prevent dental trauma.  Nor will it negate the need to maintain existing dental work over time.  It does however, allow you to have some control over the order and timing of treatment which you may require.  There a few things worse than wishing you’d had that check-up when you have screaming toothache on Christmas Day!

We believe that Dental Surgeons are the most qualified to provide cleaning and polishing of your teeth, as well as checking your whole mouth for disease.  This includes checking your cheeks, tongue and gums for signs of oral cancer.  For this reason, all our cleaning is carried out by Dr Martin Webb, our practice principal.  Even if you have little or no decay of your teeth, very few people don’t require routine cleaning around the teeth and gums to prevent “long-in-the-tooth” syndrome.  This occurs when long term, chronic gum inflammation leads to gum and bone loss.

Dental radiographs (x-rays) are sometimes required as part our your routine examination to ensure there is no decay occurring in-between teeth, or under existing fillings.  If you are concerned about the radiation received when having x-rays taken, we have digital radiography available to provide instant, low-dose x-rays.  Banksia House Dental Surgery was in fact one of the first surgeries in Queensland to provide Digital x-rays as a service to our patients.