It’s Raining Fellowships…

The past few months have been quite the journey of personal discovery for our Dr Martin Webb.

Following his election to the ADA Federal Executive Board, the level of esteem in which he is held by his colleagues has become even more apparent with his nomination to not one, but two prestigious Dental Fellowships.

In February this year, Martin was nominated for Fellowship to the world renowned Pierre Fauchard Academy. One of the goals listed by Pierre Fauchard Academy is “to have as Fellows, the most outstanding dentists in every country in the world”. Named in honor of Pierre Fauchard of France (1678-1761), who is recognized as the “Father of Modern Dentistry” for raising dentistry to a profession.

To become a fellow, you must first be nominated by a colleague of high esteem. If accepted as a Fellow, you must pledge to “devote my best efforts to a continuation of the development of knowledge and skill for myself and others in the art and science of dentistry”… So right up Martin’s alley really!

As I write this, Martin is attending the Annual ADA Congress in Adelaide where his induction into the Pierre Fauchard Academy will take place on this Friday, May 3, at, wait for it, 6.45am!